Tranquilo Kitchen Equipment

Tranquilo Kitchen Equipment is a Swedish company which takes inspiration from kitchens all over the world. Even though their products embrace the world, the designs breath the Nordics.

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The mission of Tranquilo Kitchen Equipment is to give everyone with a passion for cooking the possibility to enjoy it – indoors and outdoors – along with family and friends.

Tranquilo Kitchen Equipment promises to offer products that last and that always make their chefs proud.

Tranquilo Kitchen Equipment has a wide range of custom made kitchen products – all in stylish design and durable quality that lives up to the demands of advanced cooking both indoors as well as outdoors.

15130-60Their products are used by food lovers and cooks who place high de­mands on design, precision, ergonomics and durability.

”Some people are musically talented and show their love with a song. Other are wonderfully artistic and show their appreciation with a drawing or a painting. Some are master wordsmiths and express their love with a poem. You show your love through the food that you create. You create it with passion and season it to perfection. Of course, you serve it in style.”DSC_2559Would you like more information please contact us at Maite Interiör!

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