Nadja Wedin

logga Nadja Wedin design 300 dpi

We are proud to introduce you to the hip and fascinating patterns and wide product assortment of Swedish Nadja Wedin design. Nadja Wedin is well known especially in Scandinavia where she has collaborated with big names and still continues to do so, but is making it big with her own fairy tale -like patterns and her own product line!

Nadja Wedin brickbord Budgies offwhite 65 cm 1975 kr Nadja Wedin design
Nadja Wedin design – Tray table. Tray ‘Bubblegum Birds’ offwhite dia 65 cm & table stand black

Nadja’s mission is that looking into her patterns shall be as if the eye reads an interesting and thrilling story that never gets boring.

Meet the bestsellers: Scandinavian design that stands out by Nadja Wedin design!  Patterns: Peacock (tray), Bugs&Butterflies (lounger chair), Chlorophyll (cushion) and Bubblegum birds (tray table).

One of the bestsellers is the laminated birch wood tray that come in many different sizes, patterns and color combinations. The trays can be combined with table stands to make tray tables of different hight, size and color. The tray tables are outdoor proof. (Trays are also dishwasher proof). The dia. 60 cm trays also look fantastic on the wall – as pieces of art, like the Peacock above.

Nadja Wedin Tyg Catzy polyestersammet 1250 kr Nadja Wedin design
Nadja Wedin design – Sofa with fabric ‘Catzy’, width 147 cm 

The product assortment consists of: cushions, fabrics, furniture, trays & table stands, coasters, place mats, cutting boards, trivets, mugs, napkins and more. Most of the products are designed and produced in Sweden.

Nadja Wedin Bugs & Butterflies cerise 48x48 voltaire framsida
Nadja Wedin design – cushion cover ‘Bugs & Butterflies’ in colour cerise, 48×48 cm velvet
Nadja Wedin Design bordstablett Blues blue 30x40 cm 4 st 395 kr_4
Nadja Wedin design – Place mat ‘Blues’ in blue, MDF/cork, 40×30 cm
Nadja Wedin cutting board Ugglan 30x20 cm 225 kr
Nadja Wedin design – Cutting board ‘Ugglan’, sizes 20×30 cm & 30×40 cm. The assortment also contains trays, coasters, napkins, trivets ans much more in different patterns, shapes and sizes.

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Hemtex kampanj Nadja Forest 22 svv
 Artist & illustrator Nadja Wedin.

Updated 15. May 2019.